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Vinyl flooring

The Finest Selection Of Vinyl flooring in Burlington

Our Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl flooring come in a wide variety of options to fit your range of flooring needs. We offer a wide selection of Oak, Maple and Hickory colours for your next flooring project. We encourage you to browse our high-quality products below.

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Why should I choose vinyl?
There are many advantages of choosing this type of flooring, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial clients alike. It's durable, versatile and available in a variety of textures, colours and styles. Additionally, the material is suitable for any room including the bathroom and kitchens. It is easy to maintain, clean and less likely to need repairs in the future.
Are linoleum and vinyl the same thing?
No, they’re not. While both products are examples of resilient flooring, they are actually manufactured from completely different materials. While vinyl flooring consists of vinyl, felt and fibreglass, linoleum is made from natural materials such as linseed oil, tree resin, cork dust and wood flour.
What is the difference between traditional and luxury vinyl?
Although they are both made primarily from vinyl, luxury and traditional flooring are different flooring types. Even though they contain the same layers, the main difference is the amount of material used. It starts with the thickness. Traditional vinyl floors are approximately 1mm thick. On the other hand, luxury floors come in roughly 5mm thick tiles.
What cleaning products are best?
Usually, the manufacturer will provide this information to ensure you do not damage your floors. If not, you can receive information by contacting them directly, usually here in Canada. Depending on the brand, most respond to their customers quickly. In general, maintenance is pretty straightforward. Soap, water and regular sweeping is all you need. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and harsh detergents which can lead to discolouration of the floor. Solvent-based polishes and paste waxes should also be avoided.
How does the price compare with hardwood flooring and laminate?
Usually right in the middle. Hardwood floors are typically more expensive per square foot while laminate is less expensive. If you are on a budget, it can work out to be an economical solution. It's easier than hardwood to install and can bring your property an enhanced look and feel.

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